What makes a person evil?


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Their ways and how they act.
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John commented
If you don't like her answer then you really won't like mine. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Brittany Schlatt
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Really? Hmmm....that basically explains how they can be evil. If the answer ain't good enough, then don't bother to comment at all.
katlyn dominguez
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Who are you to tell me what to do? No one that is who you are NO ONE so shut your mouth . You have no idea who i am and what i can do . I ma warning you don't get on my nerve
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Good and bad, Kind and evil, all are subject to interpretation.
If someone calls you bad or evil, it is because you are doing something they don't like.
And if you are good or kind, it is because you are doing something they do like.
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The willing act of sin,this is why Jesus(God became flesh and blood) died upon the cross becasue we are all evil in God's sight.

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