I Had A Dream That My Husband Was Cheating On Me. Do That Means He Is Really Cheating?


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Sometimes this could mean that you really don't trust him mush or something he is doing is really bugging you but you just haven't noticed it
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I don't think it means they are cheating on you I have a dream about every six months that my husband is cheating on me and I'm watching it happen in the dream.. No he has never cheated on me and we have been together for five years. I think sometimes we all have those dreams and some times we all feel a little insecure in a relationship so are worries may come out in a dream
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Dreams don't always come true . I do think something is bugging you...But I also think at one point in time every one has a dream like that ....
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That means that you have a problem.. Not him.
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Yes it does. Dreams are always true. I once had a dream that there was an alligator in my bath tub, and when I woke up and looked in the tub there it was.
Boy was I surprised. It worked out ok though, I got a new belt and shoes.
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Its definately true...my girlfriend always dreams about cheating on me...and guess what?? A couple days later i found out she did. It was horrible i cried for days. But then i realised everything happens for a reason. What goes around comes around. The guy cheated on her and i started talking to an old flame and now we are happily married. So what im trying to say is dreams often put light on what has happened in our lives, or can contain insights into the future.

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