I Keep Having Dreams My Girlfriend Leaves Me Or Cheats On Me I Was Wondering What This Means?


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The interpreting of dreams is kind of a slippery slope, however I have to agree at least in part with Aicha.

These kinds of dreams usually have one of several different bases of origin:

1. Insecurity: You don't believe in your own value as a man, as far as being worth while for a woman to be in a relationship with, and so your mind expresses this by showing you the images that your low self-esteem fully expect to come to pass. This kind of issue can begin to taint your waking hours, and your relationship, causing a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. (you become depressive, or possibly even mildly hostile as a defensive reaction to divert the pain of the thought of losing your girlfriend, yet your new attitude ends up driving her away)

2. Fear of loss: Losing a close friend, or family member (especially at a young age), can create a subconscious fear that when you get close to someone, you will lose them. Since you don't say anything about dreams of her dying, this is probably not the case, but it's a possibility, and without more information, it's hard to tell.

3. Flight Desire: You may have some sort of desire to get out of the relationship, and not even consciously realize it. If you have such feelings (often caused by relationship problems, boredom, etc.), they may be expressing themselves via your dreams, and may be showing images of your subconscious desire to see her gone, and open your life up to a new girlfriend. Which leads to the last one I'm going to cover:

4. Advanced Perception: This is one of the trickiest ones of all. The reason dreams like this can occur is that in small ways your subconscious may be picking up on subtle clues that your girlfriend is becoming somewhat different than she was, and whether you consciously perceive it or not, may be seeming (again to your subconscious) to be distancing herself from you. The dreams can be your mind's way of alerting you to the possible final effect the perceived distancing.

All in all, the best way to work through these dreams (an ultimately eliminate them, with luck) is through communication and self-analysis. You need to take a long hard look at yourself, and how you feel about the relationship, yourself, and your girlfriend. Then you need to talk about it... And the best person to talk about it all with is your girlfriend. Communication is the key to a sustained relationship, and lack of it will almost assuredly destroy one. Tell her about the dreams, and any concerns you have about your, and her, emotional state. Be open, honest, and focus on the fact that the only thing you actually know is what you are experiencing, and let her know that you aren't accusing her of anything, as this stuff is just you, but that you love her, and you want her to know what you are experiencing, and if there is anything she has noticed about your or her behavior that could be contributing to the dreams...
I hope I've helped in some way, and I hope you work things out so you can have a good nights' sleep, knowing you won't have that dream again...
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Such recurring dreams can trouble you because of an actual situation in life. Deep down inside, do you really trust your girlfriend? If you don't then this is your answer. Your insecurity is surfacing in the form of a dream and will make your life hell if you do not change your thinking and attitude.
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May be because you are too worried about her. If both of you love each other, "trust" is the most important in relationship. Trust your partner, and pray to God to lead  your relationship with her :)) God knows the best for us hehe.
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no.. just TRUST your partner, no need to waste time praying.
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I have the same problem but i do tell her its over and acuse her of cheating i know its not trust as i trust her with my life and ehen i wake up i dont recall any of my conversation
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It means you and your girlfreind will have a good relationship and love each other.

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