The increase of extremism in Islam, is it caused by Christianity?


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I guess you COULD go back and blame the Crusades... "That'll teach those pagans to uphold knowledge and learning and diversity."

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I personally blame the lack of economic opportunities, the lack of effective central governments in much of the Middle East, and the fact that they are living in a modern day darkage. If you compare modern day Iran to its Golden Age for instance you'll see tremendous differences. Back in the day when Iran, under the Abbassid Dynasty, had a strong government and strong economy they had freedom all over the place(by middle-ages standards). Compared to Europe the Middle East had it pretty good during our Dark Age. But once the European nations started getting stronger and hogging up all of the world's goods and trade, middle eastern nations became less economically important. Then when us whiteys started colonizing and carving imagined borders all over the mid-east things got real crazy. Now you have a bunch of countries in the Middle East that are separated only by pseudo-fictional borders that we Westerners made during the end of our colonial reign; and their economies are basically nil/zip/nada/nonexistent at best. So its no surprise that a region that has been manipulated by the west for centuries and have little to no stability could sprout terrorist cells. That's obviously not a good enough excuse for terrorism but that's just my two-cents on it. And their are exceptions to the rule. Dubai is doing ok thanks to their oil money and by comparison to their neighbors Turkey is doing ok. Even Albania is pretty progressive by comparison(gay marriage is almost legal there now *gasp)

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No. It is because extremists are extremists and will always find target to promote hate. And it is not just the Christians they hate. They hate everyone who is not following their way of life.

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Ask them and they blame Israel. And the US. Christianity doesn't have a whole lot to do with it.

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The problem that you are referring to is not an Islamic problem. The Bible mentions a sign of the last days as being “Men will be . . . Without self-control, fierce,” and “because of the increasing of lawlessness the love of the greater number will cool off.” (2 Timothy 3:2, 3;Matthew 24:12) The Greek word translated “fierce” means, among other things, “lacking human sympathy and feeling.” Today people are showing themselves to be “fierce” and are committing increasingly violent crimes. The bible also says that God will allow the problem to increase, thus allowing man to prove the point that they can not succeed in ruling themselves with out his loving guidance.

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Walt O'Reagun
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No ... unbelievers are not obligated to admit it. Because it's simply not true. There was far more violence on a global scale in the early to late 1900's, than there is now.

Even relations between Israel and her neighbors has greatly improved in the last couple decades.
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Like I said you are fulfilling bible prophecy. You certainly have the right to believe what you want. It is going to be a hard sale thoughto get most people to agree with you. I wish you well.
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Those who don't agree with scientific and historic facts are, by their very nature, either delusional or brainwashed.

The vast majority of believers in any religious system are brainwashed from birth to believe what their parents believe, and not question it's accuracy. Most of those who DO question the accuracy of what they were told, become either Agnostics or Atheists. Both of which, the majority would turn to any religion that could scientifically prove its claims.
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It is because of what is said in the Bible at 1John 5:19, " We know that we originate with God,but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." Satan the Devil is responsible for the worlds extreme hatred. Revelation 12:12,  " Woe for the earth and sea because the Devil has come down to you having great anger knowing he has a short period of time."

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