Why Muslims Do Not Eat Pork?


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In the Muslim's divine book, The Holy Qur'an forbids the consumption of pork meat, but even more astounding is the fact that Christians are forbidden to eat it too: “Leviticus and the swine, as he divideth the hoof, and be clove footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.

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hey cameron
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It fits the question because you guys are talking about the Law, right? That reference compares the law to a tutor leading us up to faith, but now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor. So it's an argument against the idea that the dietary laws of Leviticus still apply to modern Christians today. That's why it's relevant.
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OK. Have a good day. Bye!
Charles Davis
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Skunky, Noah was given all that moves upon the earth for food, there was no restriction, until Moses gave the laws. According to the Jewish Talmud those not descended from Israel are not bound by the Mosaic laws, only the 7 Noahide laws, which did not have a food/meat restriction and all humans are bound to these 7 laws.
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Pigs live in filth, eat anything including filth, and are therefore considered unclean. Any amount of time spent around live pigs leaves no doubt about this logic. 

I had a Muslim friend tell me once that pigs are physically incapable of looking up toward heaven, so are considered too lowly, beneath Allah's grace.

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Taylor Brookes
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Pigs are actually quite clean animals.
Call me Z
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We need to remember the dictates of Islam come from about the fifth century, so today's standards of food quality are not considered.
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Islam like Christianity evolved from Judaism the muslims don't like to admit but its from the jewish beliefs that their religion was founded on.

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This seems to be another science subject that the biblical God got wrong. Pigs are actually the cleanest animals on the farm, contrary to popular belief. They may eat nearly anything they can put their mouths around, but so does a goat. Pigs will not relieve themselves in the same area of the yard as they eat, or sleep, They wash regularly, even though it's in mud, but still, they do bath a lot. Pigs have sensitive skin and also do not have pores to cool themselves in the summer their method of cooling is to wade in mud pools. Compare this to a cow that poo on itself and pee on it's food, will lay down to take a nap right where 10 other bovines just relieved themselves.

The only reason Muslims and Jews do not eat pork is because some priest from about 3,000 years ago observed what appears to be filthy animals rooting in the ground and laying in the mud, he/they thought it looked disgusting.

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Because many religions have silly dietary laws that have no basis in reality. You will hear dozens of rationalizations, justifications and just plain excuses for this silliness, but using a bit of logic and considering the animals these religions are allowed to eat one sees that these dietary laws are just plain silly.

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Muslims inherited their religion from Judaism which also bans pork. That, of course, is no worse than some of the things Christians ban. Harken to this conversation:

Priest: Tell me Rabbi, have you ever eaten pork?
Rabbi: Yes, I have. Just once, to try it out.
Priest: Tasty, wasn't it?
Rabbi: Indeed. Now you tell me, have you ever been with a woman?
Priest: Yes. Once. Before I entered the seminary.
Rabbi: Better than pork, isn't it!
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They are classed as unclean. A clean animal must have split hooves AND chew the cud.

The pork tapeworm has plagued people for thousands of years. The parasite, known as cysticercosis, lives in pork tissue, and is likely the reason why Jewish and Muslim dietary laws ban pork. In the Bible King Herod died from being struck with worms.

People are less affected today due to better hygiene practices and making sure that pork is cooked properly. 

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Pepper pot
Pepper pot commented
Let's face it Kay you do like an argument along with the smugness of wanting to be right, even when you have managed to pull the basis of a topic matter 1, 438 years forward.
Charles Davis
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Pepper, if your answer or excuse is they didn't have thermometers, then why is there no laws against chicken? it has a better chance of making you sick then pork. Any piece of chicken has sickness in it, not just maybe, all chicken has sickness, every piece. But not all pork did or does.
Charles Davis
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@Kay, yeah they say that, but I'm not going to take the chance LOL, I do the same with Poultry, if I see even a remotely pink spot, it gets more cooking, LOL.
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because pigs are filthy animals. I know someone who use to work at a pig farm and she said she would NEVER eat pork as long as she lives...

pigs only have a 4 hour digestive track so the toxins don't get filtered out properly... All of the toxins pigs eat end up in the meat you eat.. Pigs eat garbage, they even eat cancerous growths from other pigs etc...  I don't eat pork myself because its truly a disgusting meat (the smell even)..

plus, every time you eat pork, you run the risk of catching parasites.. not all parasites die even if you cook the meat properly. 

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Woof Woofy
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Skunks taste like chicken xD.. i nfact. im positive thats what KFC sells xD
Rooster Cogburn
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Wouldn't surprise me in the least!
Walt O'Reagun
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Or from lettuce ... just about every time there's a outbreak of eColi in a restaurant chain, it seems to be linked to the lettuce.
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Many reasons but to add to what z said something interesting is that the flesh of swine is very similar to that of human skin so similar in fact doctors and scientist use it for skin grafting and other research its also been proven to be loaded with bacterea and worms

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Thrice Gotcha
Thrice Gotcha commented
yeah but im not eating human skin so i dont care if its loaded with whatever its loaded with i sure as hell dont want to eat something thats has bacteria or anything that will make me sick ill stick to eating steak,chicken and fish thank you!
PJ Stein
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Have you not heard of salmoella? It is very common in fish and poultry. Bacteria is everywhere which is why we store things on a fridge where it is too cold to live and cook it so it is too hot for it to live.

I am nt trying to be agrumentative, just stating facts.And while worms used to be a huge problem it is no longer true in first world countries.
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
FWIW ... human meat is called "long pig"

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