Grandma started dialysis to see if it helps w kidney failure, if not will go into hospice care. Last night I had a dream about her dying. The dream took place in the hospital. What does this mean n does it mean she's not gana make it?


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Dreams usually come out of what we're thinking about. You're thinking a lot about your grandmother and her medical issues. It came out in your dreams. It doesn't mean that she's going to die because you dreamt of her.

In this journey of her life, just be with her - talk with her - play checkers with her. Tell her that you love her. I'm sorry she's going through this.

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Danae Hitch says in her answer, "Dreams usually come out of what we're thinking about"---an excellent observation, especially in the contest of your question.

Dreams are frequently an attempt by the unconscious mind to organize our fears and emotions about what might happen into tangible scenarios so that we can better deal with what is going on in our lives at the moment.

Such dreams are very rarely predictive in any way---to the extent that any relation to what actually is going to happen in real life is strictly one of conincidence.

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Dreams are usually linked to basic emotion, if you are afraid of losing your Grandma, and that you know she is going into hospital, then this is why you've dreamt about it, dreams can be torturous like that.

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I don't know if can take solace in this, but we all start life ramping up to degenerate and eventually die.

While this is cold, it is part of nature's way to make room for the next crop or generation to come along and evolve the species.

Your dream is your subconscious playing out the probability of the outcome. While it may be what you most fear because of your love for your grandmother, it might be just one of many outcomes for the NEAR future.

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It is your subconscious talking in your dreams, not your grandmother's. It means you are worried about her dying.

With that said, it is scary and no one knows how things will work out. If you are able to visit your grandmother, do so. Talk to her. Ask her about her life. Where she and how she grew up. Ask her for her best wisdom. If the dialysis works, and I truly hope it does, you will be creating a stronger bond with her. And if it doesn't work, it will save you many unanswered questions later in life.

Prayers for you and your grandmother.

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