What Does It Mean When You Have A Dream About The Girl You Love And In The Dream She Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend?


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I had dreams like this I really liked this girl who was with this other guy I was jealous and I went to sleep jealous and I dreamed the broke up and I comforted her and 3 days later they broke up and I comforted her maybe your dream was trying to get you ready
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I have had this happen to me two times but it was a bit different. What I suggest you do is maybe get to know her, become friends, and work you're way up from there. Trust me do not come on too strong or you are pretty much screwed. I learned that the hard way and it wasn't pretty.
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Well just because you had a dream doesnt mean its true but if you finally notice that she actually has broken up with her boyfriend than wow! You should trust your dreams more often but don't push it. She may have broken up with her boyfrien but she might not be ready for another relationship yet. You never know if some one really loves you, so watch out! They can say that but do they mean it?  Always e careful what you do around your crush boyfriend or girlfriend. You may think that they love you because they say it but you arent very sure ever. They could just say that to be nice to you. You also need to watch out when they look at other people don't get to jealous but try to ask questions a little and start to talk to the person that she talks to. If you know that your GF/BF is gay try not to be suspicous when it comes to your GF/BF talking to the oppisite sex. But if they are gay than be careful if they are the same sex. If the person your Bf/GF is not gay try to be careful when they are talking to people the oppisite sex. But don't get nosey! SO about the dream thing! GOOD LUCK!!!! And yeah!
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Well some people have reported their dreams coming true and I, in fact am one of them.
It is really cool that you like this girl and if she breaks up with her boyfriend then it would be your ideal opportunity to swoop in and 'play the field' or whatever.
Your subconscious mind COULD be thinking about this in your sleep and therefore results in one of your dreams.
On the other hand you could be of course in one way seeing the 'future' for your sake I hope its the last one!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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What does it mean when I dream about the girl I love, but in the dream she was walking with her friend, and didnt pay attention to me?

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