What Does It Mean If A Girl Says She Had A Dream About Me?


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The fact that she dreamt about you might not mean much – it’s the fact that she told you that probably means something!

Think about it – people pop up in our dreams all the time, and it doesn’t mean we have a crush on them! You wouldn’t tell your math teacher that you dreamed of them, though, because that would be weird.

The difference here is that this girl wants you to know that she dreamed of you – she wants to let you know that you’re on her mind.

What she’s doing, in a roundabout way, is letting you know that she likes you. It’s a lot safer to just tell you that she had a dream about you, as if you don’t respond well, she can blame the dream on her subconscious.

What Should I Say In Response?

  • It’s likely that this girl is testing the waters to find out how you feel about her, so make sure you let her know!
  • If you like her, smile a lot and ask about the dream.
  • Playfully tease her about the dream. When you next see her, ask if she’s dreamed about you again.
  • If she dreamed you went on a date, offer to take her on one.
  • If you’re not interested in this girl, don’t bring the subject up again. You don’t want to give her false hope!
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You should ask her what the dream was about. On the positive side, it could be her way of starting a conversation. There is only a negative side if the dream was more like a nightmare. Good luck!

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