What's Written About Fortune Tellers, Astrologers, Etc In Bible ?


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Fortune telling, seances, black magic and astrology are all generally forbidden in the Bible and are mentioned on a number of occasions. Fortune telling is mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:9-13, where the Jews who are arriving in Israel are warned about the "horrible customs" of some of the inhabitants, such as child sacrifices, black magic, seances, "serpent charmers" and wizards. According to this verse in Deutronomy, anyone who engages in such activities is "an object of horror and disgust to the Lord."

In addition to Deutronomy, there is a reference to fortune-telling in the Book of Isaiah (8:19). In this verse, people are encouraged to turn to God in order to find answers to their questions about the future, rather than to witches and mediums.

There are a number of references to fortune tellers in the New Testament and in each case, fortune telling is seen as contrary to Judeo-Christian teaching. For example, in Acts 16:16-18 Paul encountered a girl who had fortune-telling powers. He then prayed in the name of Christ and commanded the "evil spirits" who had invaded the girl to leave her. Once they did, her fortune telling ability vanished.

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