What Are The Teachings Of Islam Regarding Truthfulness?


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Truth is a universally recognized virtue without which a man cannot hope to live in peace. The Holy Quran, in many places, emphasise truthfulness and asks the Muslims to practice it. Regarding this attribute of His own, Allah said:

"Whose word can be truer than Allah's?"
Quran says that all the prophets of Allah were truthful. They derived this quality from Allah and then endeavored to spread it throughout the world. About truth, Holy Prophet SAW said; "Truth saves, whereas falsehood destroys". Truth according to the Quran has a much wider meaning than merely spoken truth. It also means that one should be truthful at heart and truthful in actions.

In addition, one must uphold what one believes to be true. A truthful man is, therefore, one who not only speaks the truth, but also supports and exemplifies by this deed and actions what he believes to be true. A man, who is honest and truthful, is respected by the society. In this connection, the greatest symbol of human greatness, the life of the Holy Prophet SAW is there to guide us.

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