How Do You Know If We Were Reincarnated?


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Reincarnation is a personal topic which has generated endless debate. While some individuals claim to instantly know about their previous life/lives, a large number of people do not even believe in the philosophy of reincarnation.

There are a number of different practitioners such as psychics and gurus that claim to be able to let you known about your past lives. While there might be some truth behind the ancient concept of reincarnation which is observed in a variety of religions, philosophies and traditions, it is debatable whether one can know for sure about past reincarnations.

Many people have claimed to gained insight about their past reincarnations under hypnosis. They believe that this has helped them deal with issues in their present lives. In certain cases it is thought that regression or near death experience offer past life memories. It is best to proceed with caution when attempting to discover previous reincarnations.
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Reincarnation is real. I never believed in it even though my dad always has. I have friends that belong to the religion Druze and they strongly believe in reincarnation and they told me a story about their uncle who has hidden something in Italy somewhere in his past life because he was a prince and it turned out to be true I don't remember the exact story now they told me about a year ago when I know the story I'll write it here for sure..I believe it's real but not every person remembers things from his past life and I don't think demons have anything to do with this..
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I think reincarnation is real. my great uncle died in WW2, he got blown up ashes were all that were left. a few months later my grandmother gave birth to a boy who looked just like my great uncle, both the child and my uncle had a birth mark in the exact same place. also when the child grew older he put ketchup on eggs, his brothers and sisters thought it was weird because none of them ever did that. It was a trait my great uncle did as well.
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How do you know if you were born? You probably don't remember it at all, its just what people tell you. Its the same with reincarnation. Of course you are the reincarnation of some being (whether human or not). Someone would have to recognize you. Someone who probably knew your former form well. Just like your mother recognizes you as her son, someone who knew your former being would recognize you as a reincarnate.
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Well it depends on whether you were reincarnated from a person or animal. If a person, you may feel like you are very close to the person you believe you were reincarnated from. If you believe it was from an animal, you may feel a deep connection with the animal. You may still have some of its instincts and you may feel you understand their thoughts. I believe I was reincarated from either a dog or something that enjoys being in trees. Either that or I'm crazy!
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If you have recurring dreams or memories no one else remembers, you may have been reincarnated.

I believe that everyone is reincarnated, though. Souls will keep being reincarnated, over and over. The older a soul is, the more talented that person would be. When the soul finally reaches the end of this cycle, they go to the Summerland; a bit like Heaven, I guess. :)

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There is a world of difference between between "incarnation' and reincarnation'. Incarnation is the central Christian doctrine that God became flesh, that God assumed a human nature and became a man in the form of Jesus Christ. I don't believe in 'reincarnation' which means rebirth of the soul in one or more successive existences, which may be human, animal, or, in some instances, vegetable.
Reincarnation is most characteristic of Asian religions and philosophies. In primitive religions, belief in multiple souls is common. The major religions that hold a belief in reincarnation, however, are the Asian religions, especially Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, all of which arose in India.
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Reincarnation does not exist but there are evil spirits who pretend to be people from the past - making you think that you have been reincarnated because you know things from the past but was actually there. Demons can be thousands of years old.
What are the possible solution on how we can know about our past,or how we can determine who we are when we are not yet reincarnated if reincarnation really exists??

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