Can A Libra Man Love A Gemini Woman?


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Yes, he certainly can! The Libra man will find the Gemini woman a lady of class, who appreciates some of the finer things in life, just like he does.

Both love going to social events and are intellectually-oriented people. They're both natural talkers, too -  so awkward silences shouldn't be a problem either!

Neither the Libra man or the Gemini is satisfied when they are alone, so a relationship between these two will be thoroughly appreciated by both partners.

They will feel they are forever on the same wavelength - which will serve them both well when it comes to striking up that initial connection.

The Libra man and the Gemini woman...
  • The serious Libra man is intrigued and fascinated by the Gemini woman's more playful side, which helps him learn to live life a little bit more. In contrast, the Libra man can provide a firm grounding for the Gemini woman when her head is too much in the clouds.
  • The Libra man will love that the Gemini woman is completely in harmony with his thoughts, feelings and opinions. He needs a partner who can challenge and stimulate him mentally - something the agile mind of the Gemini woman is well capable of.
Their similarities mean that they will find the initial phrase of the relationship easy. The problems could occur when they find they're almost too similar! Which could make the partnership a little stale.

This aside, A Libra man can definitely love a Gemini woman! They're a very good match.

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