Can A Cancer Woman And An Aquarius Man Be Compatible, And Soul Mates?


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Yes, these two can be compatible, but they may have issues when it comes to committing to each other in the longer term.

Aquarius is a rather independent sign, but Cancer demands complete devotion and attention from their lover.

Can a Cancer woman and an Aquarius man become soulmates?
  • The Aquarian man is attracted by the Cancer woman's sense of humor and warm-hearted demeanor, and these two shouldn't have a problem sharing an emotional bond.
  • A Cancer woman demands complete dedication from her lover, though - and this is something the Aquarius man finds it very difficult to give. Pisceans are very individualistic, so this level of devotion is difficult for them, and this could cause the Cancer woman to become jealous of her partner.
  • The emotional attachment between these two will mean they will be very empathetic towards each other's feelings - something the Cancer is especially good at.
  • Although these two have potential, they will have problems in the longer term if Aquarius does not reign in their natural tendency to roam, and if Cancer does not expect too much commitment from the Aquarius man.
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I feel that love conquers all no matter what the horoscopes say.

If Cancers are willing to understand all the obstacles of an Aquarius, and the Aquarius is willing to take Cancer's emotional ambitious ways then, you guys can make it definitely.

I'm 15 and I'm in a relationship with an Aquarius and I'm a Cancer and we've been together for 4 months which is my longest relationship, and we seem perfectly fine.
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Don't fall for these things, every person has a different personality and you should not judge them by the signs. Don't limit your chances of being happy by eliminating a possible mate.
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I believe it can work, I'm with an Aquarius now and it's difficult if neither one of us compromises.

It can work if the Cancer can let go and let them be them, otherwise it is a disaster waiting to happen.

So far we are cool, it takes a lot from me but it also makes me a stronger person and approach things differently. We are fine so far but it took a lot of work.

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