Are A Cancer Man And An Aquarius Woman A Good Match?


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The mixture of air and water can sometimes be a challenging match, but if you get it right then your relationship will blossom.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman in marriage There are many positives to this match...

  • The Cancer man relishes the friendly nature of the Aquarius woman, and he can provide her with the happiness and long-term stability that she needs.
  • The Aquarius woman enjoys the Cancer man's dream world, and this helps to bring out the imaginative streak in her.
  • The Aquarius woman can also bring out parts of the Cancer man's personality that he never knew existed!
  • The sense of humour of the Cancer man provides a very healthy aspect to their relationship as a whole. 
  • The Cancer man learns from the Aquarius woman to give up the past and live for the moment.
There are also some downsides to this relationship...

  • The Aquarius woman loves her freedom, whereas the Cancer man is obsessed with material possessions.
  • Cancer men are very set in their ways, which may not satisfy the Aquarius woman, who loves her freedom and hates following someone else's instructions.
  • The Aquarius woman's absentmindedness and laid-back approach to the relationship can sometimes upset the Cancer man, who likes emotional stability.

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