How Compatible Are Scorpio Women With Sagittarius Men?


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I'm a Scorpion woman and my boyfriend is a Sagittarius.  As a couple, we are very much in love but we constantly butt heads over small issues. It might sound conflicting but we can't be away from each other for too long. We are in love and that's what helps us to overcome these differences. I know he loves me no matter what and I do the same!
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Very incompatible, they have completely opposite personalities. I'm a Scorpio woman, we are very intense people who tend to look inward for self-development while my Sagittarius boyfriend is all about fun and looking to the world for new experiences.

Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man

  • Although I love to travel, I also love comfort and order in my life, a balance that I don't like being disturbed.
  • My boyfriend on the other hand, travels to China after booking a ticket only a week before and starts new hobbies frequently.
  • He never made me jealous in terms of other girls, but he has made me jealous over his hobbies (sounds ridiculous but true). He spends more time doing them than he does with me.
Although we broke up once because of these differences because I kept demanding more time and depth to the relationship while he wanted space to explore his other hobbies. We are still very much in love and now together. It takes a lot of understanding to get over our differences and each others perspectives. In order for it to work, a Scorpio woman must learn to treat the relationship lightly and control her emotions while the Sagittarius man must be forgiving and understanding of her needs.

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