What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Carrying A Baby Around With You In Your Arms?


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A baby, in a dream, could symbolise innocence or a new beginning. You may be trying to hold on to some aspect of your youth or reclaim a time when you saw yourself as more innocent. The meaning could be different depending on what else what happening or how you felt in your dream.
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I believe that it means you are longing to have a baby, but some people could argue that it means you feel like a child, or some one is treating you like a child, I guess it could be any number of things, but I would stick to the wanting a baby
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Dreams are really just your mind doing exercises at night while you sleep. The stories are made up out of your thoughts. If you believe they mean something, you will also make that story come true. The only 'real' meaning is what you choose to make it.
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Well the baby is being cleaned witch could symbolize a new you fresh and clean. And the old you is bleeding with could mean the new you is dying making room for the new baby. Babes represent transition and change. So you could be starting a life changing experience?
If the baby is dying it could symbolize a dying of your innocence
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I had the same dream but I found out that it was my mother in law and sister in law I know its crazy but true I think that its some on who close to you or you will be having a baby on your own in the near future and I wish you the best of luck
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It shows a sing of weakness and a new beginning, you may need to be nurtured.
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What does it mean when you dream you are washing a baby in the shower then you see blood in the tube and you think you have your period

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