What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Dead Bodies All Around You?


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Dreaming of dead bodies symbolizes that some chapter of your life is closing.
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I dream that dead relatives of mine come every night and ask me to go with them where they are
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It sounds like a scenario where you think that you are being persecuted for whatever reason. I would find a therapist or someone to talk in depth to about this. Some times that is the best way that you can go around finding out what these things mean. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I am sure that it probably does not mean any thing.  Just a wierd dream or night mare that you had.  Usually happens most when you are sleep deprived or have had too much sleep.  Try working on that and that should help.  Maybe you miss your loved ones whom have passed and are remembering them at this time during thinking about them.  Or loved ones are trying to let you know that they are around you watching over you and they are ok.  Take care.
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When you are in the state of the unconscious, you dream of objects in past experience. Dreams come in the form of materialistic it's what we perceive thats make it reality in the mist of the mind.We perceive millions of images a day but what sticks out is the one that plays an big impact on our sense organs. If I had a dream of dead bodies all around me then I must suspect that their were some kind of war or someone was inflected with pain.

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