My Boyfriend Had A Dream Of Me Marrying Someone Else. What Does This Mean?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Hey, don’t worry! This kind of dream is totally harmless. It just means that he’s scared of losing you!

Essentially, all this dream means is that your boyfriend loves you, and doesn't want you to leave his life.  It’s like when you dream about a family member dying – it doesn’t mean that they will, it just means that you love them and don't want to be separated from them.

What might be significant is that your boyfriend dreamed that you left him for another man. This could mean any of the following things:

  • He’s scared you’ll find someone else
  • He doesn’t feel as if he’s good enough for you
  • He’s been cheated on or been left for another guy in the past
  • He’s jealous of the time you’re spending with another man
Don’t accuse your boyfriend of being jealous or paranoid, though – the dream might not mean anything at all!

Just reassure your man that you still love him, and that you don’t plan on leaving him for anyone else. It’s likely that your boyfriend told you about the dream because he wanted you to reassure him that it wasn’t going to happen, so go and let him know everything’s okay!
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It doesn't really mean anything, but if he has it again then ask him if he has a crush on another female.
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Well I think it means that he might have a cush on someone else. Why don't you ask him if he has a crush?

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