I Had A Dream That My Boyfriend Slept With His Sister. What Does This Mean?


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Don't panic - your dream probably just means that you're scared of losing your boyfriend. It doesn't mean he's actually sleeping with his sister!

Why His Sister? Perhaps you're feeling a little jealous or threatened by those who are close to your boyfriend, even if their relationship isn't romantic or sexual. As a close family member and a female, your boyfriend's sister can be seen to represent both your fear of losing him to another woman and the time his family get to spend with him. Try to relax - he has to spend time with other people, too!

Why Sex? In this case, I think the sex just symbolizes intimacy - it doesn't mean that there's anything sexual going on between your boyfriend and his sister, and it doesn't mean that you're into incest. If anything, the dream just means that you love your boyfriend and you don't like the idea of having to share him with anybody else.
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It doesn't mean anything, a dream is a dream. It's not always going to come true - maybe you were just thinking about him before you went to bed and had watched something about brothers and sisters sleeping together and it all just got confused and put into your dream. Sure there is nothing to worry about x
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I think you love your boyfriend so much that you feel some type of insecurity about anyone who cares for him... This type of dream only happens when you feel insecure, try to forget it and make yourself full of positive thoughts, and take care!
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It's just a dream - quit thinking about it and try to get it out of your mind , in this case only you can help you.
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It's just a dream! Means nothing! Tell your boyfriend about it, I'm sure he will think it's funny and nasty.
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No I think he'll just be grossed out, she shouldn't tell him that }:(
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If hes a good bf, he will understand and not freak. Of course he will think its wierd, but he might be happy you told him:)
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Just a very abnormal and strange mind you got there! All you can do is forget about it. Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything serious...just yet!

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