My Girlfriend Told Me That She Had A Dream In Which She Left Me For Someone Else. What Does This Mean?


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Her dream could mean that she's been having doubts about the relationship, but then I doubt she'd have told you if that was the case. It's more likely that she felt bad about the content of her dream, and confessed in order to ease her guilt.

However, it is possible (but not likely) that she told you in order to gauge your reaction and find out how you'd cope if she actually did leave you.

Dreams about cheating on or leaving a significant other are not usually associated with an actual desire to betray or abandon them; in fact, these dreams are more often interpreted to symbolise feelings of self-betrayal or self-doubt. Maybe your girlfriend is facing some internal conflicts of her own right now.

Your girlfriend could be thinking of leaving you for someone else, and her dream could just be a manifestation of this desire. Fortunately, I don't think she'd have told you about the dream if this was the case, so she probably has no such intentions!

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Dreams can mean anything? I'm no dream expert, but perhaps she's probably losing her interest for you, or perhaps is wanting to be with somone else. Usually people dream about things that preocupy their life. When I was younger, I was always nervous to go back to school because of the stress I would face. As a result, I would regularly dream about going back to school and having stresful tests.
Try to see whats on your gf mind. Tell her that you love her and show her that you should be the man of her dreams.
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I don't think it will mean anything because why would she tell yo if she had some one else lol.Don't worry about it that's the worsted thing you can do because sure it means nothing. Hope this helps .x
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No am worried at the fact that she might be getting tired of me
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Well try to work things out and impress her i don't think the dream means anything though but if you thank she is getting to bored then maybe it wont work and you should move on and know that's hard to listen to sorry. X

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