Is A Male Libra And A Female Leo A Good Match?


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These two are indeed a good match, but can encounter some issues if the relationship is long term. The start of this relationship will surely be a whirl-wind as both these signs enjoy romantic interaction and each other's company.

Leo woman Libra man
  • The Libra man cherishes the beauty and femininity of the Leo woman, and he can provide her with the constant attention and adoration that she deserves and expects.
  • The Leo woman appreciates the Libra's romantic charm and his willingness to express his feelings and emotions. He can provide the security and warmth in a relationship which she needs, and in contrast she gives him the energy and enjoyment that he craves.
  • There could be ample opportunities for these two to fall out, though - as both of them sometimes view life in different lights. They also have differing ambitions and goals, and also differ in the drive needed to realize these dreams.
  • Fortunately, both the Leo and Libra forget and forgive easily, so making up should not be a problem in this match. In time both will value the importance of their relationship above any form of little argument or fight. This will make the partnership stronger as a result.
  • When they are alone together, they both realize their full appreciation and affection for one another. All in all, these two have the potential to form an ever-lasting bond if they both learn to compromise for the good of the relationship.
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Hello, I'm a 20 year old Libra and have been with my Leo girlfriend for 2 years now and we are great together. So yes. They work out - although at times they want to kill each other, at the end of the day the match works out very good.
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In general it all depends on the people.

I'm a Leo female with a Libra man. Things are going so great I don't think it can get any better.
We are so good together because, although we have a lot in common personality-wise, we are opposites which works! I can be stubborn and he's the total opposite - open minded.

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