Does A Libra Female And A Libra Male Make A Good Match?


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Yes - and no. Whenever two people of the same sign are paired together. The result can be very hit-or-miss.

Each will understand how their partner thinks, though, which aids the relationship - but they can also be a bit unbalanced due to their similarity.

This relationship could become boring very quickly if the two parties involved are too similar. However, if both Libras are prepared to compromise on some of the smaller details to concentrate on the bigger picture, then this match could certainly work.

Does a Libra male and a Libra female make a good couple?
  • These two will sense a definite feeling of love and compassion between them, and Libras in general are very respectful of their partners.
  • The Libra woman can help steer her man in the direction he wishes to take his life, and he can do the same for her. In many ways, this match can be mutually-beneficial.
  • The Libra woman craves romance and affection, something which the Libra man has in abundance. It won't take long before these two have formed a strong bond.
  • However, these two should be wary of mixing too many of their similar qualities, as too much of a good thing isn't always fulfilling. They should work hard to bring more variety and spice into their lives.
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Yes, female who has zodiac sign of Libra and a male who has the same sign usually make a very good match but there are some exceptions as well. You should see if the habits of both people are compatible with each other then that match is perfect.
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I am a Libra Female and have dated (seriously dated) three Libras and it has never worked out unfortunately. I loved them, but 2 out of the three times the guy was fickle and the last time, I was fickle, though I loved him so much, I think its just hard to make it work win a Libra-Libra relationship. :(
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Libra female here. I have currently met a Libra male and enjoy him so much. We have so much in common it's crazy. We are so alike to the point its scary, for example, most Libras are a little on the shy side and hardly speak their mind.

When it comes to me and him, if I don't say anything he will ask me what is on my mind and I won't say - but when he says what is on his mind it is exactly the same thing I had on my mind.

We finish each other's sentences and stay smiling at each other. We are so close and we don't even go together yet.

I always hear stereotypes about the same zodiac going together being a big mess and waste of time. I totaly disagree with every person who thinks that. I've met my perfect match and a best friend.
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When two people are too much alike it tends to create problems. Competitive types and picky types shouldn't be with each other. There needs to be balance. So if you can make that happen with a double sign more power to you.
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Well, from my experience our relationship was fine. Then only problem was he wouldn't compromise with me. He was too lazy to go to school or get a job. So, we split up. But we're still close friends though. I think you can make it work if you can compromise with your partner.
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Libra female here, and I'm seeing a Libra male. He's great, he feels like my mirror. He knows my dislikes so he doesn't do them. We like the same things so it's great!

He understands my random need for alone time, and welcomes me back after disappearing on him because of unbalanced thoughts. I'm having a great time.

Also if any problem comes up we just communicate it. We're both good listeners naturally but not very comfortable at talking about personal emotions, but we know how to bring it out of each other.

Only negative is neither likes to initiate. But once the ball starts moving we just take turns.

If you're thinking about dating a Libra please be patient with us and always communicate in a calm sweet manner. Aggressive behavior toward us makes us want to bring the worst out of ourselves. Which is extremely intense so often we will walk away instead and mostly likely eliminate you if not in a serious relationship with you.
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Anonymous , I have a crush on a libra female, answered

I'm libra male and I love her so damn much but she doesn't like me back the way that I have :'(

I hope it works out

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