What Is The Meaning Of The Sign Libra?


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Libra is depicted as a set of scales, which represent the diplomatic and fair qualities that Libra's possess.

  • Libras are born between September 24th and October 23rd.
  • Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, and is preceded by Virgo and succeeded by Scorpio.
  • Libra's element is air and this particular star sign is ruled by the planet Venus - the planet of love.
  • Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning that it represents the beginning of a new season.
What is the meaning of Libra and the scales?
Libras possess a multitude of positive elements to their personalities:

  • Their strongest characteristic is their sense of justice. They are always fair and balanced in any situation, which makes them natural diplomats - and is why Libra is depicted by a set of scales.
  • Libras are emotional and charming individuals. They are in touch with their feelings but do not allow them to cloud their judgement or to influence their decisions. Libras make very loving partners.
  • They are relaxed, easy-going and sociable people, which makes them very popular amongst friends. These traits - along with their natural diplomacy - make them fun, low-maintenance and fair companions.
  • This sign doesn't look go looking for a fight, and it takes an awful lot to get them upset. This makes them especially well-suited to long-term relationships because they are easily able to compromise about insignificant problems, for the good of the partnership.
However, Libras may also demonstrate these not-so-good attributes:

  • As a result of their natural diplomatic skills, they are usually very indecisive - an unfortunate trait which more head-strong signs will find very irritating.
  • Sometimes their trust in others means that they can be very gullible. Some other signs may take advantage of this tendency and of Librans' good nature.
  • Libras are also known for their rampant flirting, a habit which will not impress their partners! It just seems that sometimes Libras just can't help themselves.
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Libra is an astrological sign that refers or is associated with the Libra constellation. The Sun is located in the constellation of Libra between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October. It is represented by a pair of scales that are supposed to mean the scales of balance. The element associated with this sign is Air. The ruling planet for Librans is believed to be Venus.

Like the scales that symbolize the sign Librans are believed to seek balance in everything. Though they have a sense for justice they try and avoid confrontation and conflict as much as possible. The other characteristics of Librans are believed to be idealism, refinement, charm, charisma, fairness etc. As per the zodiac the sign opposite to Libra is Aries.
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Good manners and brightness.
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The meaning of Libra is the Balances, or Scales - the seventh sign of the zodiac. Its symbol, representing the balancing scales, is emblematic of equilibrium and justice.

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