What Does It Mean When You See Someone Crying In Your Dream?


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Well, that depends on who they were, and how you reacted to seeing them cry!

Comforting a Crying Person
If you see someone crying in your dream and you comfort them, this could suggest that you’re feeling like a sponge for other people’s negative energy.

Are you always the one who your friends come to for help and advice? Maybe you need to start looking after yourself for once – after all, you’re important too!

Ignoring a Crying Person
Have you been there for your friends as much as you feel you should have been? If not, this dream could indicate feelings of guilt.

Alternatively, it could be symbolizing your discomfort at seeing people in distress. Maybe you feel awkward when you see someone who’s upset, and don’t know how to deal with it.

It wouldn’t hurt to work on your empathy – other people have feelings, too!

Who Was Crying?
This could narrow down the meaning of your dream by quite a bit. If it was a specific friend or family member, then you might want to try being there for them more in real life. The dream could be a sign that they need your support, so make sure you’re there to give it!
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A friend crying and surrounded by dozens of baked loaves of bread urging me to take some

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