What Would You Find In A Mosque?


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Mosque is a place of worship for the Muslims. It's also called Masjid in Arabic. Muslims offers the prayers in the mosque in congregation. Muslims offer their prayers five times a day and in fixed timings, before sunrise (fajr), at midday (zuhr), in the afternoon (asr), after sunset (maghrib), and in the evening (isha'a).The mosque is also called the House of God (Allah). The mosque is the cleanest of the houses in this universe.

Every mosque points towards the direction of "Qibla". The Qibla is a central place in Saudi Arabia. All the Muslims of the world either they are in home or in a mosque offer their prayer in the direction of Qibla. The Qibla is situated in a mosque named Masjid ul Harram (KAABA). The Kaaba was built by the messenger of Allah Abraham upon an order from God. The ritual purification precedes by having "WAZU" (Ablution). The WAZU not only cleans his apparent look but also his inner image.

A call for Salaat is made by a person in the speaker. All the men stand in the direction of Qibla with their heads bowed in humbleness before Allah. What a person gets in return is a priceless thing. He in return finds the peace of mind, pursues for virtue, abstains from sins, asks for forgiveness, pray for his wishes and anything he has in his heart he would easily say to his God. In short a person would find the calmness, peace, bliss and ecstasy of the world.
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Allah's Grace, Peace, Love
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It's like a regular church but without the chairs; mostly the floor is covered with carpets.

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