What Does It Mean When You Find Money In Your Dream?


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Dreams about finding money are usually thought to mean good luck or good fortune!

How To Interpret A Dream About Money
  • Pay attention to where you were when you found the money – it could be that you need to watch this place in real life.
  • Think about who was with you and what they did when you found the money. If someone tried to take the money from you, but you managed to keep it, this could be warning you that you’ll need to fight for what’s yours in real life!
  • Was money the central theme to your dream? If so, then you might want to check your finances – this could be a sign that you’re not being quite as careful with money as you need to be.  Alternatively, you could just be a financially-driven person.
  • What did you do with the cash? Money can symbolize value of any kind – it could even represent your time. If you spent the money on your family, or with a particular friend, then maybe this is a sign that you need to give more of yourself and your time to this person.
Hope this helps, and enjoy your good fortune!

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