What Does A Dream About Dead Fish Mean?


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Where dream interpretation is concerned, dead fish are generally thought to symbolise loss or disappointment.

This loss or disappointment is usually financial or influential in nature; for example, if you dream that you find a dead fish in your car, this could symbolise your concern that your car was a bad investment and is costing you more money that you'd have liked. 

What About Dead Fish In A Fish Tank?

Fish tanks and fish bowls are thought to symbolise a container of emotions, with the fish inside representing the unconscious mind. Consequently, if the fish inside are dead, this could represent the end of one spiritual or emotional stage in life, and the dawning of a new one.

How About Dreams Of Cooked Fish?

If you dream you're cooking fish, this could mean that you're combining new wisdom with old thoughts and ideas.

Alternatively, it could be a sign that you went to bed hungry!

It's important to remember that dream interpretation is not a science; a dream about dead fish might not actually mean anything symbolic at all!

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For some reason , the song fish heads came to mind. They are very nutricious believe it or not. But to dream, ah well, as they say, a chance to sleep, a chance to dream. I see it more like a movie and sometimes your inner fears are revealved in several ways. There is a book called the Interpretation of Dreams by Carl Jung. Though your dream may not be in it, it will give you a better understanding where dreams come from. May have been something you saw on tv or someone telling you you need to eat more fish and came out this way
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Dreams don't mean anything. Dreams have no meaning. Dreams are mostly a result of what you ate the night before.

There is no hidden meaning in dreams.

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