What's The Meaning Of A Dream About Receiving Money?


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There are several possible ways to interpret your dream. Many people believe that a dream about receiving money foreshadows prosperity, although some people will tell you it represents power. Depending on the circumstances of your dream, it really could mean anything.
Possible Interpretations of a Dream About Receiving Money
  • A dream about money could mean that you're feeling self-confident and happy. Who gave you the money in your dream? Have they had a positive impact on your mood recently?
  • Some people believe that receiving money in your dream means that you're soon to receive some in real life.
  • If you find the money in your dream, this can be seen to represent a desire for power and influence. If you dreamed that you found money in your own house, it might mean that you wish your family would take you more seriously.
  • You might just be dreaming about receiving money because you'd like it to happen to you. Our dreams are often manifestations of our conscious and even subconscious desires, so maybe you'd just like some cash!
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Dreams are the opposite. So this means you might lose your money or build a relationship with it.

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