If You Have A Dream About Someone You Havent Met Yet, Does This Mean The Person Is The One?


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I'm not so sure if dreaming about someone more than once means they're the one... But I know I keep having dreams and visions about this one guy thats almost completely perfect for me, but I have never met him. I have theories that we'll meet sometime soon but I could be wrong. I'm amused that I'm 98% convinced that we'll meet. I'm also afraid that if we don't meet that ill be really disappointed. ): I hope its a sign that we will! ;)
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Are you serious?
Well, I dreamt about Isaac Newton last night (albeit a cartoon version of him). He was throwing tomatoes at me (you'd have thought it would be apples, right?)
You tell me what it means, are we made for each other? He's a little decayed for my taste, but I can overlook some things for my one true love.
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It could just be someone that you saw for just like a second

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