I don't usually believe dreams have meanings but....what does it mean if you dream about "ALMOST" cheating on your girlfriend with someone you liked/havent seen since high school?


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Ray Ottewell answered
It could mean you have a good feeling about a long lasting relationship with your girlfriend, but are fighting with your emotions. It is your dream, you have got to take account of more than just nearly cheating, think of what the surroundings were, any emotions that you may have felt. I have just answered a question on dreams, go to my page and look at my last answer, there is more information there. But if you truly don't believe dreams have meaning, you will find them harder to work out.
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heidi franco answered
Those are just repressed memories.  Our minds contain many memories and being with your girlfriend in bed may have triggered an old memory.  It's completely normal for your subconscious to be speaking out.  You had an amazing night and you picked up on old memories.  I've had the same type of dream before.

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