I Keep Dreaming My Deceased Mom Is Alive And In Hiding. What Does That Mean?


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I believe it means that your deceased mom visits you but is not yet ready to reveal herself to you in Spirit for fear of frightening you.
Sometimes people begin visiting us in dreams like this.
If you want her to know you would like to hear from her sit down with a writing pad and write her a letter and she will read it from where she is in the Spirit World.
Spirits quite often don't know how those on Earth will react to a visit from the Departed, because some people are afraid of these things.
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I am a psychic medium and often connect people with there loved ones.
This dream depends.. If she is in hiding but talking to you its a dream visit and she feels you arent ready yet to see her...

If she doesnt talk then its a dream showing your longing to connect with her
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I dream most nights about mum, who passed away 8 years ago, for some reason, I don't always see her face very clearly.

In my dreams, I know she's dead, but then, I except that, I must mistaken, in fear of upsetting her.
She doesn't always speak to me.

Also, I am walking with her, and as she turns a corner, she disappears for sight.
I also find , someone tells me she alive and has been living not far way or she is in hospital and I go out to search for her
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I have this dream about my dad who has been gone for 12 years. I suddenly remember that he's not dead and don't understand why I haven't seen him for years. I go to visit, and there are people who keep pointing me in different directions, but I never find him.
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I have been having dreams about my mother that passed away when I was 6.. I am 21 now. They just started happening again. Ive had a few dreams about her in the past but only a few times and its always been the same dream. That was when I was younger. Why now am I having these dreams? I wake up and then I can't go back to sleep.. They've been feeling so real. In my dream I might be about 18 but I keep telling her how much I love her. I just don't understand why this is happening to me now?!

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