A Recurring Dream About My Dead Father And Dead Uncle. In My Dreams My Father Is Angry And He Was Scolding Me. In My Previous Dreams, Somewhat There Was A Party And My Dad And Uncle Are Bussy Preparing Cooking Food While I Was Watching, What Does It Mean?


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Well it probably means that you are feeling guilty did you say something mean or bad to them sometime before they died. Its probably guilt reply a.s.a.p. Now my uncle died I think 2 years ago on 3/17/08. He was a really craft type person. He was good with his hands and has done a lot for me every night I have weird dreams I know I'm in and some dreams like are giving you a second chance to change what you did or whatever happened a the time like deja vu's. I had a dream my uncle died then a year or so later he died. My grandmother said he called on a friday and told her that he'd be coming home on monday and even she has had dreams where he told her she was going to join him soon. She's still alive and she says shes going to die in 6 months to a year. Everyone keeps telling her it's not true. She's even told me that shes woken up and seen my uncle scott standing at the edge of her bed. He died of kidney failure 3/17/07 and had a kidney transplant 8/28/96 same day I was born and he died when I was eleven. I still miss him so much everyday I cry asking for him back. I found he died when my dad came home with a look on his face that I knew and have known since one of my other uncles died. Sorry if this is all too random and talkactive.

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