What Was The First Three Surah Revealed To Prophet Muhammad?


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Following are the First Three Surahs revealed to Prophet Muhammad, Please Click on the Highlighted Surah names to view the Surahs in English,
First one was Surah Alaq-This is Surah Number 96 in Holy Quran,
Second was Surah Qalam-This is Surah Number 68 in Holy Quran,
Third was Surah Muzammil-This is Surah Number 73 in Holy Quran.
Do Visit REVELATION ORDER OF SURAHS IN  HOLY QURAN, to see Surahs in their revelation order. [Scroll down to that page for the revelation order of Surahs]
Also Visit the English Translation of Surahs, You can find/select the Surahs at the right side. (The Surah in the link is Surah Israel)
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I believe that it is fatiha, bakara, and al imran; for the quran was revealed in parts during the holy month of ramadan (oen part for each day of ramadan): But I'll get someone to check my answer for I'm not sure wether what I said is wrong or right
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Hey dear.
Fatiha was 5th in revelation order and 1st in Holy Quran,
Baqara was 87th in revelation order and 2nd in Holy Quran,
Al-Imran was 89th in revelation order and 3rd in Holy Quran.
Do see my answer for all the information on Surahs revelaed in their revelation order and Link to English translation of Surahs.
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