Are Virgo And Aries A Good Couple?


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This pairing could work, but it'll take a lot of work and time.

Intially you may want very different things from the relationship. The Aries craves excitement and adventure, whereas the Virgo is happy just to go with the flow.

This could cause the Aries to get the stimulation they crave from somewhere else.

In contrast, the Aries will not be able to provide the security and comfort that the Virgo feels is essential.

Would an Aries and a Virgo make a good couple?

  • Rams are always excitable and enthusiastic, and they never seem to run out of energy.
  • They love to live in the moment, and their fearless attitude and impulsive nature can sometimes get them in to trouble.
  • The Aries will always act based on their emotions and feelings, rather than taking a step back and looking at a problem rationally.

Unfortunately Virgos are almost the exact opposite of Aries...


  • Virgos are practical creatures. They prefer to use logic and intellect to overcome any obstacles they encounter, rather than using their emotions and brute force.
  • Like Aries, Virgo is also ambitious, but they strive to achieve their dreams in different ways.
  • If both members of this pairing are open-minded, then they could learn a lot from each other.

Unfortunately this pair may prove too dissimilar to form a long-term relationship. Sorry!
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They are not good couples as far as zodiac signs are concerned but I think destiny is not dependent on stars. As if it was, then there would be no suspense in life and no charm in life. Destiny can guide you anywhere.
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I think so. I am a Virgo and me and my man (he is an Aries) get along just fine. I love him. Life would be boring without him. He gives me life and I show him how to be organized. He is a wonderful man and we get along just fine.

Even though I am a virgin and he isn't, we have a great relationship without sex. And he wants me to keep my v-card till marriage. And that is what I am doing. Even though it get hard to do that when I am around him.

He is black and I am a Latina. And in love with him. He is the first black boy and first boy that I am totally crazy for.
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It might is possible if you believe in opposites attract!! I'm an Aries and I'm into a Virgo. He's really amazing. XD

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I go out with a Aries Boy and I'm a Virgo and so far we have been going out for 4 months and have a awesome relationship.

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