Do Aries And Leo Make A Great Couple?


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They certainly can! These two will share ample energy and passion, they will be very loyal and faithful to one another and their relationship will never be dull.

At times Aries and Leo may find that they are competing with each other, but hopefully this will only push each of them to achieve their ambitions and fulfill their dreams!

Aries and Leo marriage?

  • Both Aries and Leo have large egos which need to be constantly nurtured. This gives them both dynamic and vibrant personalties, so they should never be bored together! They both crave excitement and are always seeking new activities and adventures.
  • These egos can also cause problems within their relationship, as both Aries and Leo like to be in charge. Both are stubborn, (especially the Leo), so unless one of these two signs submits to the will of the other, this relationship could turn into a constant battle.
  • Aries and Leo are hot-headed and will fight for what they believe in, no matter what. This can be good for the partnership if they are both trying to achieve the same goals. However, if they are pulling in different directions then it could be detrimental to the relationship as a whole.
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That is a really hard one to say, I have been known to butt heads with my son on several occasions. But, that is probably more due to the fact that I am his mother, and he was the kid that was supposed to listen. Does he listen today? No. I am the Leo, and he is the Aries.
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Aries and Leo are hard because they both love to be in charge. As for me I am an Aries and I'm nothing like any of the sites describe as a Leo (as far as I realize) and I am in love with a Leo.

He seems the same way as me. I believe it all depends on the person, and their personality. I would say it may work if you are both calm, probably, but if you both love the limelight you may fight a little more than the common couple

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