Is A Virgo And A Pisces A Good Match?


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Yes, they are! This is mainly due to two factors: They are opposing signs on the zodiac (opposites attract) and both the signs are mutable.

Mutable signs can change and adapt to the needs and desires of others, making them very flexible and easy-going people.

They both enjoy their home comforts and are both very sensitive signs. This makes it easier for them to form a deep emotional bond.

The diligent Virgo can help ground and focus the sometimes absent-minded Pisces, whilst the Pisces can help open up the Virgo and help them "let go" a bit more often.

How compatible are Pisces and Virgo?
  • The mixture of the earth of Virgo and the water of Pisces has always been a strong one. Earth and water make a great combination because these elements complement and understand each other perfectly.
  • The Virgo is an excellent match for the Pisces. Virgo allows the Pisces to see things from a more realistic point of view, without the influence of powerful emotions.
  • In contrast, Pisces' relationship with emotion means they can make the Virgo appreciate life in a more fulfilling way.
  • The fluid and relaxing nature of the Pisces has a soothing and calming effect on the normally conservative Virgo.
Both these signs are tolerant enough to accept each other's different views on life. This serves their characters and the relationship as a whole very well.

Both these characters can use their partner's sign to help them grow, and are willing to compromise for the good of the partnership. These two are therefore an excellent match, and should enjoy a great future together.

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