Why Has No Muslim Country Fully Modernized?


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I think the main reason that Muslim countries didn't fully modernized is the religion . On the political level , Most  of the Muslim countries constitution is reflection of Qur'an and even rules and  punishments are implemented based on the Qur'an as well . On the other hand , people are not open to other cultures or religions which allows them to exchange information and earn new skills . On the social level ,the majority of Muslims lack tolerance and especially western society . Just for your information , I have all the respect to all Muslims but this is  what I really think since I live among them .
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No theocracy of any faith has fully modernised. Religious leaders detest change, and suppress any real knowledge which conflicts with their interpretation of scripture. This does not encourage either scientific research or industrial investment.
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What do you mean by fully modernized? That is impossible to have a country fully modernized because it changes every second the things modern today are not so modern yesterday.if you are meaning that why are the big countries more modern then the minor countries such  as the Muslims then  it is obvious, the major countries are refusing to import knowledge.full stop.looking at it from another perspective, usually the cream of the nation (the brains) go overseas for a better successful life. Looking at it from a one-person perspective "I wont make that much of a difference, is what most do" and there are millions who have migrated so it has made a difference.knowledge is power. Knowledgeable countries are powerful.modernization is a sign of power. Powerful countries wont be powerful if all countries are equal in power.muslim countries are trying to fully modernize themselves ( well at least the ones with a leader without being in/directly related to another super power that is virtually controlling the country and that is about 80% of the leaders weather willingly or unwillingly) so, looking at those 20% they are trying to fully modernize their countries but within the borders. The borders of safety, I personally would not like my country to have over 25% of things imported, I would like them to be made in the country. Another aspect when it comes to safety is the safety of the religion, can be at stake if you call modernization as clubbing then I am sure no Muslim country will be fully modernized. It depends on what you regard as modernization of course.I have more to say, but I want the information to be readable, not a newsletter.

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