How Compatible Is An Aquarius Male With A Pisces Female?


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These two are not normally considered a compatible pairing, but with time and effort the relationship could work.

The main issue that will cause problems between these two is communication. They do not relate well to each other, and their methods of communication could cause even relatively minor issues to be blown out of proportion!

How compatible is an Aquarius man with a Pisces woman?
  • These two will relish each other's company, although not always for extended periods of time - especially as the Aquarius man loves his independence.
  • The Pisces woman will cherish the warm-hearted and good nature of the Aquarian man. She will also appreciate his honestly, loyalty and devotion to the relationship.
  • The Pisces woman craves very close relationships, which have a very strong emotional bond running through their core. In contrast, the Aquarius man loves his independence, and prefers to have a less emotional connection with his partner. Both signs may find it difficult adapting to their different desires.
  • The Aquarius man is an intellectual who will puts his trust in logic and reason, whereas the Pisces woman is a creative person who lets her heart rule her head. This is one of the most challenging differences that these two will have to overcome.

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