Can A Gemini Man Fall In Love With A Taurus Women?


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Yes, as there should be an instant connection between these two. However, if any long term relationship is to happen, then both sides will have to learn to compromise on some aspects of their personalities.

How to make a Gemini man fall in love with a Taurus woman...
  • The Taurus woman is very sensual and in touch with her own emotions, which intrigues the Gemini man. His quick wit and agile mind are fascinating to the Taurean.
  • The Gemini man appreciates the loyalty that his Taurean gives him, even if he dosen't share that same loyalty. She suits his needs well, offering security and stability that he could find very useful.
  • The problems arise when the relationship becomes more serious. For the Taurean woman, the relationship is everything - she does not open her heart to someone easily, and when she does, she trusts the person completely.
  • The Gemini man does not view relationships in the same way. He is more preoccupied with the short-term rather than seeing the bigger picture. The Gemini man enjoys being in a relationship, but he does not place the same sort of emotional significance on it as does the Taurean woman.
  • The Taurean woman may have to learn to become less possessive, whilst the Gemini man will have to learn to be more in touch with his emotions.
So - yes, this match can work, but a lot of work may have to be put in by both members of the relationship.
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Yes this can happen. I'm a Taurus girl and this happened to me personally.

A Gemini man loved me truly and with great passion, but I don't know why I didn't love him as much as he loved me. I related this to the great differences in our personalities, we were really so different in almost everything. I'm quiet, calm, stubborn, stable and sometimes tough in my actions. Whereas he is weak, naive, talkative and unstable.

However, I tried to understand him and to go on with him. We were really so different. So I chose to end it, I was really so sad not because I loved him, but because he loved me. I'm still blaming my self, I'm afraid that maybe I was unjust or unfair with him to some extent.

We are still sort of friends. In short, a Gemini man can full in love with a Taurus woman and a Taurus woman can love a Gemini man as well, but this relationship will unfortunately end soon.

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