I'm A Lesbian, And An Aries. Would I Be Compatible With A Taurus Woman?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, you certainly will be compatible with a Taurean woman! In fact this would be a very good match.

Aries and Taurus lesbian compatibility...
  • You will find that you share a lot in common, but luckily, not everything - as this could make the relationship boring.
  • You may both find that you need to compromise on some issues, but that's fine, as it will make the relationship stronger.
  • Aries is the natural-born-leader of the zodiac, whereas Taureans are loyal and dedicated followers. This is not to say that Taureans are weak - they just don't mind letting someone else have the limelight.
  • Taurus is ruled by Venus - the goddess of love. Aries is an extremely-passoniate sign, so there should be no qualms between the two of them in this department!
  • The Taurean loves the energy and enthusiasm of the Aries, and likewise, the Aries appreciates the earthy and practical nature of the Taurus.
  • The Arian's energy is the perfect stimulant for the Taurean, as this is exactly what this stubborn sign needs sometimes!
  • In contrast, the Taurus can provide the Aries with a good grounding, and over time this will make the Aries wiser and less impulsive.
With time - and some compromises - this match could form the perfect relationship!
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First of all, if she is having sex with you, she is into you. Taureans are very sensual when they have feelings for someone - and sex is one way they express it.

Let time be the telling factor for the rest, or you could ask her where this is going. It sounds like you can talk on that level.

You should have a chart comparison done for the astrology but, as a generalisation, Aries and Taurus are both passionate at first but can end up at war, as both are stubborn.

Taurus are sensual and take their time, whereas Aries want everything now. This may eventually annoy the Taurus as they are slow-moving in these situations, while Ariens want to rush - being so dynamic and loving excitement.
They will get on each others' nerves in time, but you have a choice as a person to make something work. Communication is the key and the key word is listen.
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I'm an Aries and my wife is a Taurus, and we don't get along - we're both stubborn. More times than not we argue. But we still love each other very much.

We're friends and we both have good decent hearts, which we have in common.

I think you both will butt heads, but the relationship will be not be boring, which is a good thing.

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