Are A Capricorn Man And A Virgo Woman Compatible?


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Yes they are, this pairing should form a very easy-going and stable relationship. Both these signs are ambitious and independent, whilst still remaining fiercely loyal to loved ones. This helps them form a mutual understanding that is not so prevalent in other Zodiac matches.

Is a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman compatible for romance?

  • The Capricorn man certainly does not lack ambition or determination, and if he receives the dedication of his partner then he will put his all into making the relationship work.
  • Luckily for the Capricorn, a Virgo woman loves domestication, which could make her an outstanding traditional housewife if she wants to be. Her devotion to her kids and husband is the attention and support that the Capricorn man is looking for at home. 
  • The Virgo woman is very self-critical and somewhat insecure, unlike the Capricorn man, who can help to support the Virgo woman and stand by her in times of need.
  • Although neither of these signs are openly expressive, when they are together and share intimate moments then they will both reveal how much they mean to one another.

Both these signs may have to compromise on some of their character traits, but ultimately this match has the potential to lay the foundations for a very strong relationship indeed.
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Yes. According to Cosmo. Male Capricorn and female Virgos are good matches. They are a keeper in the love department and you hit the jackpot with them in the bedroom.

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