I'm A Capricorn Woman In a Relationship With A Leo Man. How Compatible Are We?


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Well, you two are already together so this shows that you are indeed a good match - and, luckily for you, the Zodiac also deems these two signs compatible.

The most important trait that you share is that both signs really value loyalty and security in a partnership.

Capricorn woman and Leo man
  • The Capricorn woman's main strength in this relationship is her ability to listen. This is important to the Leo man, because she will always support him whilst he is trying to achieve his goals in life.
  • The Leo man's masculinity makes the Capricorn woman feel loved and cherished. His positive and ambitious attitude rubs off on her, which makes it easier for her to achieve her aims in life.
  • His wit and humour will always put a smile on the Capricorn woman's face, and he can provide her with the warmth, loyalty and security which she craves in the relationship.
  • These two may encounter some differences along the way, but once these obstacles have been successfully navigated, both parties will find their relationship mutually beneficial.
These two signs should create a good and stable partnership. The combination of a fire sign (Leo) and an earth sign (Capricorn) is always a good one, and both partners will be able to benefit from this relationship!
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My birthday is March 27th 1972 and my husband of fifteen years is November 3rd 1975. If we were to go by the zodiac, we are not a match.

My husband is the best friend I have ever had in my whole life. He is the most wonderful lover and we enjoy doing almost everything together. We share three children and we have a great relationship. We think on the same wavelength, one of us is always cracking the other one up and we have each others' back no matter what.

I never feel that there is anything I cannot talk to him about and I never feel like I have to hide anything from him - he takes me for what I am and vice versa. Your sign has nothing to do with your compatibility if you are meant to be. I know this because I have a better relationship with my husband than any other couple I have ever known. It all depends on you guys;

  • Do you make each other happy?
  • Do you see yourself growing old together?
  • Is this the person you want to have children with?
That is what matters, not what date you were born!!!!!!
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Actually, you should both check your natal charts because your sun sign doesnt effect your compattibility as much as your moon sign or your venus sign. If they were to match up better, which I am willing to guess is the case, then that could be the reason for the compatablity. I checked your natal charts and for you, your moon would be bvirgo and your venus taurus, your husbands would be scorpio for moon and virgo for venus, however I didn't know either of your birth times or places.

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