Why Is A Pisces Woman Attracted To A Gemini Man?


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Usually a Pisces woman will be attracted to a Gemini man because he is so radically different from her!

Normally, Pisceans want their partners to have an be emotionally attached to them - unlike Geminis, who seek lovers with whom they can share an intellectual bond.

These differences make a long-lasting relationship difficult between these two signs, but a flash-in-the pan affair would suit them both!

Gemini man and Pisces woman...
  • When these two signs come together, the Pisces woman will quickly become the more submissive of the two - which means the relationship should run smoothly.
  • Geminis' and Pisceans' greatest asset is their ability to accept the other's personal space. They both love their own down-time once in a while - and this keeps the relationship fresh.
  • The water sign of Pisces and the air sign of Gemini form a very romantic bond. These two will never tire of each other's affections - and this mixture of elements will create lust rather than love between the two.
  • Eventually, though, this pairing will find that they have different needs from the relationship.
  • If this relationship is to be more than a quick flash-in-the-pan, then it would need a lot of work.
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Don't know but my husband is Pisces and I'm a Gemini - we get along very well. We have been married for 25 years.
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As they both experience the real and unreal worlds, straddling the two, they find similarities in each other. That's when they want to lose themselves in love and make this world a heaven on earth

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