How Compatible Are A Gemini Man And A Pisces Woman When It Comes To Love?


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Maud La Roux answered
Unfortunately, these two will find loving each other difficult.

A Gemini man and Pisces woman could be a good match, but the relationship will need a lot of work, as these two signs are not generally considered to be very compatible.

Although these two can expect plenty of conflict when they're together, the submissive nature of the Pisces may make this couple's time together go just that little bit more smoothly.

Gemini man and Pisces woman compatibility...
  • Fundamentally, these two have huge differences in their natures and their outlooks on life. They will also find they have different interests and ambitions.
  • The Piscean woman is: Dreamy, sensitive and has her head in the clouds. She is imaginative, and is in touch with her feelings and emotions.
  • This is a sharp contrast to the Gemini man, who is: Factual, intellectual and logical. Gemini men may also be intolerant of other people's views or opinions.
  • Pisces woman is very indecisive, whereas the Gemini man is practical and efficient.
  • These differences make it difficult for these two to form a long-lasting relationship.
So, in general, a Pisces woman with a Gemini man is not the best match. Some pretty large obstacles need to be overcome before these two can get along.
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Betty Cheng answered
Flexible but not really compatible, but everything is possible.

Gemini and Pisces are not destined to be together unless they can get over the "hurting" each other process. Geminis usually tend to speak without thinking and Pisceans are emotionally-sensitive.

However, anything can happen if you both get through it. Remember, Geminis are attracted to Pisces' mystery - and Pisces are attracted to Gemini's wit and communication. Good luck.
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Arthur Wright answered
Signs really don't matter much if you two are really truly in love so if you both feel the same about each other, then go all out for it.

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