Why Do Catholic Christians Kiss The Popes' Ring, And Call Him Holy Father, If Only God The Father, Son And Holy Ghost Are Worthy Of Such Adoration And Praise?


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Practices such as this are the result of man's desire to have unlimited authority over people in matters concerning God.
It is said that the Pope has the same authority as God in forgiveness of sin and religious rites here on Earth.
I spent some years in the Catholic church, but after many years of Biblical study have found that the church and the adoration and worship of God needs only follow the Bible, God's word. Even, as you said about the term "Father", though many profess to be the "true" church or to be doing things the way God intended, they have twisted, distorted, or completely ignored the Word of God and do things that are contrary to it.
Scriptures tells to call no man father or rabbi, yet some do and are worshipped as such.
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Very impressive answer.
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To me these people ware garments and they are no less nor no greater than I. Peace
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Because they are all part of paganism, idol worship, antichrist
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Catholics are not christians they are a heard of goats. You may ask why do I say this well it came from JESUS (my sheep  hear my voice and I know them,and they follow me)John 10:27 match that w/ Mat 23:1 And call no man your father upon the earth: For one is your Father, which is in heaven. Catholics do not read there bibles or they put such trust in the doctrins of men there traditions that they wont give GODS plain truth to run run far get away come out of her that you do not become partakers of her sins. Being just being a catholic means you have taken up all that she stands for your pope is god on earth hes infalable his word is = to GODS WORD now beleiving these and a hundred other haricys of your synagog of satan. If Jesus is the only way why mary why saints why the dead  you's are wolve's in sheeps clothing pretending to know truth but far far from it. THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUTH and catholics don't got it.  IN LOVE AN X catholic                please think for yourself not what they(the wired n creepy church)has to say. WHY because GOD sees it different than the uninfalible person you's call your holy eartly father '' da pope''      if the catholic church were the true church as anyone who did a tiny bit of study would see vary soon its not. THE TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE would have to do a rewrite to deal with all the addatives your crazy unbiblicle pope's have done to damage the              WORD OF GOD !  The catholic church is a church all to itself they barrow a few thing from the bible to look ok-ish but the heart of it is antichrist      from one x catholic hopefully to another
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Catholics is more about tradition then by the bible but every religion has their flaws to me. The closes to bible following will have to be the methodists churches, although I don't agree with everything they do. If you research enough you find out that the many heads in the catholic empire are involved with witch craft. We need to realize that Satan is not lazy he's not sleeping because God isn't neither. The best thing to do is personally be right with God first and then set out into his ministry...
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Jesus gave Peter the "keys to the kingdom".  He was considered the Vicar of Christ and the first Pope.   The lineage has continued to this day.  Each new "leader of the Faith" has been elected and given this awesome duty.  The ring has been a symbol of this office since the time of Jesus. To kiss the ring is to show respect.  Catholics do not believe that the Pope is on the same level as Jesus Christ, or above him.  But he is recognized as the leader of our faith on earth.
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Jesus says (in he book of Mark) that all the power that the Father gave Him, He (Jesus) now gave to His disciples. Any of us that are truly followers of Jesus have the power to forgive sins (John 20:21-23). Any of us who do His will are "saints". The Bible is clear about His followers. Why have the Catholics limited the work God said He does thru' His people??
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Look people have a big misconception about are beloved church.and the
most people who misunderstand what we Catholics believe are Catholic them
selves . But this is the church that Jesus left on this earth and gave all his authority
to... By kissing the popes ring you are just showing respect for the authority given him
by christ jesus nothing more the pope is just a latter day Peter in a sense ...
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If catholics read the cannon laws of there so called infalible holy fathers which by the cannon is = to anything GOD has to say. Why it can even over ride as it often dose what GOD has to say. Yet we have all these victoms who stand by there man. Well the word tells me to put my trust in no man.
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This is in no way any form of idol worship or blashpemy. Kissing the Popes ring is an ancient tradition much in the same way as you would salute the American flag or say the pledge of allegiance,,you arent worshipping the flag or the country it stands for,you are merely showing your respect and honor. Non Catholics are so quick to jump up and say "OH you worship Mary,idols,the Pope,,statues of Saints ,,etc etc. None of which is ever the case at all. Have you never said a prayer and talked to your deceased mother or grandfather? Were you worshipping them? Of course you werent,Catholics only worship God The Most Holy Trinity, period. I suggest walking a mile in a pair of Caholic shoes before passing such judgement on the Catholic doctrine or belief.

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