I Am Dating A Sagittarius Man. What Are They Like?


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Sagittarius men posses many attractive traits! Usually they are very optimistic, jovial, honest, clever, and love their freedom.

On the downside they can sometimes tend to be careless, irresponsible and tactless, so if you're the sensitive type then a Sagittarius man may not be the best choice!

Sagittarius man

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac, its opposite star sign is Gemini. The sign is depicted by the archer and is occupied by the Sun from the 22nd of November to the 21st of December each year. These factors contribute to the make-up of the Sagittarius man's character;

  • Sagittarius's best trait is their positive outlook on life. These men are full of energy and are extremely ambitious and adventurous. They are usually very honorable and trustworthy people, and this makes them popular amongst friends.
  • They are humorous and witty, which makes them excellent conversationalists. They are great working alone or in a team-based environment, and they excel when they are paired with like-minded colleagues.
  • Sagittarians are straight-forward and sincere when they are in love, they like to be in control of a relationship but also need to have a degree of freedom. This can sometimes lead to Sagittarians being less than successful in love. Their constant need for a new challenge and desire to explore pastures new, makes the idea of a long-term relationship unattractive to them.
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Sagittarius do not think before they act, like all fire signs. They can get themselves in a muddle because they have not considered the consequences.

They see life as a game, and often cheat on their partners:

  • They are very passionate and they love sex.
  • They like to move through lovers a lot.
  • They like philosophy and debates.
  • They love the outdoors.

The hips and thighs are the Sagittarius sensitive areas, so an erotic massage of this area with gentle attention to the inner thighs will drive the Sagittarian into passionate action.

Best bed-mates for the Sagittarius: Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Cancer, and Sagittarius.
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There are two types of Sagittarians.
  • One is the shy observer type.
  • The other is the loud outgoing type.
Both are equally observant though, equally honest and have a love of being outdoors and being free.

Sagittarians don't like people who are clingy. They love to do things spontaneously.

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