Can A Sagittarius And A Taurus Make A Good Couple?


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Some people would consider a Taurus and Sagittarius a poor match, but, just because the zodiac does not look upon this combination of signs favourably does not mean that a match between a Taurus and Sagittarius would not work.

Sagittarius and Taurus Why this match might not work...

  • A Sagittarius may have to slow down for the Taurus to keep pace, and in contrast the Taurus may have to abandon their cautious approach to life to satisfy the Sagittarius.
  • A Taurus is an earth sign - which means they favour stability, something the Sagittarius cannot offer as some of their most prevalent traits are restlessness, travelling and instability.
  • Commitment is not something either of these signs do easily, but for different reasons. The Taurus is cautious and will only commit if they find true love, whereas the Sagittarius is reluctant to commit due to fear of losing their freedom.
Although there are obstacles to this match, sometimes opposites attract - and you should base your relationship on the person, and not too strictly on the signs of the zodiac.
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I'm a Taurus married to a Sagittarius for 18 years and no we do not always get along!

The first ten years he tried to go out and be flirty and I gave him drama with a capital d. He has settled now and stays at home, I wasn't going to change, he had to! But like I said we still have issues, he is too generous with others, does not believe in saving money and every once in a while he tries to stare a little too long at someone.

We are just the way Taurus and Sagittarius is described. Sex is good, he spoils me, buys me everything, nothing is too much if I want it, so is it challenging? Absolutely, a Taurus/Virgo combination would have been easier. But I'm staying because I love the guy. Hope that helps.
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There is no earthly reason to believe otherwise. Have a nice life.
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I am a Sagittarius woman and I am dating a Taurus man. It can be a very steamy but good couple if they get past the control and patience issues.

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