How To Turn Into A Cat?


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Please just consider the bad points of being cats sometimes they are abused or starved and aren't as powerful as a human if you have considered this sorts of possibilities then proceed reading. Don't use a spell that you find on the internet it would have been used lots of time before and the magic wouldn't be pure and it would be much less powerful. Reason 2 a spell that you recite should come from your heart not what someone has took two minutes to type up on the internet think about why you want to be a cat write words and phrases down as they come into your head after you have wrote as much as you can jumble them around until you makes a spell then recite the spell how you want and when you want so it is completely original and unique to you and this can be used for writing any kind of spell you can Imagine. Hope this helps x 

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This is what you do, You get a yellow candle yes it haves to be yellow. You get a cat hair, then a bowl of milk. You put the hair in the milk and light the candle you say this. I believe 3 times then you say cats are wise cats can rise make me fast make me a cat 3 times close your eyes imagine your a cat. Lick the bowl like a cat drinking the milk the next day your a cat
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Wish I could, I would love to be one of my cats
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It's easy go to a vet then get every medicine he has for cats then go home and use every tablet,capsule&drop of medicine then presto!! Your a cat
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First turn around three times while saying I know I can I know I can turn into a cat then say it to a friend then the governor then the president then the pope then your mom then your cat and then your self and then yourself in the future then look into a mirror and say HOLY CRAP I'm DUMB AND STUPID TO BELIEVE THIS COMMENT I FOUND RANDOMLY ON THE COMPUTER!
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Why are u on here if u are going to be mean? :-(
Rikey Animals awesome
Yah. That not nice dude. That's mean to the people that like cats:-( You shoud be disappointed in your self:-(
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well he is not exactly bad mouthing cats he thinks its stupid to try to become one.

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