Why Is Prayer Important?


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Prayer is important because it gives you hope when it feels as if all hope is lost,if you pray even for a answer to a question or a problem which you feel helpless to do anything about,just pray and leave it alone a answer will come trust me because I have been in that predicament and came out on top, anytime is good to pray a prayer to ask, A prayer of thanks etc. But I find that my better moments is prior to going to bed I know I will not interfer and leave in the hands of the one we call master hope this helps you to some degree.....  
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God made prayer so you can talk directly to your heavenly father just as you do your earthly father to tell him what your thinking about,worried about and what you need/want from him as he supplies all your needs and give you the desires of your heart which he also gave you. In other words he created man(meaning both men and women ) to talk to him in the cool of the evening in the garden(paradise/adam and eve). So this is what he designed prayer for to have you talk to him about anything you would with anyone else you trusted and more over that you shall we say need something from them you can not supply or work for yourself.also the obvious to ask for forgiveness of your sins and to give you what you do not possess/know how to use.knowledge/wisdom/strength. In other words to be your shield,your buckler,your king of kings,lord of lords,the one lord of your life fro eternity.blah blah blah means I could go on but you get the idea. : )
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It can help you when there are difficulties in your life
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Prayer is important because it lets you express your feelings to God, and lets you get rid of your problems.
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Humm... Well it helps ease burdens sometimes. Giving the problems to God and asking for his guidance. Asking him to see the good through the bad knowing that if you don't see the bad the good might not look as good as it could. It helps to not feel alone with things even if you aren't sure on how you believe
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It's only important if you believe in a god...

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