What Does It Mean When You Get Tickled In Your Dream?


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The meaning of a dream about tickling depends on how you reacted to being tickled - did you take it in good humor, or was it really unpleasant?

The Meaning Of Bad Dreams About Being Tickled

In a dream, being tickled is supposed to mean that something small but persistent is bothering you.
Do you have any nagging worries - maybe a bill that needs paying, or a library book that has to be returned? If so, then that could be what the tickling represents.

It's also worth thinking about who was tickling you, as there's a good chance that they're related to the thing that's worrying you.

The Meaning Of Good Dreams About Being Tickled

If you enjoyed being tickled in your dream, or if it didn't particularly bother you, then this might just symbolize something amusing in your life.

Again, you'll want to think about who was tickling you, as the dream could mean that they're a source of humor and happiness in your life. Maybe you haven't realized it, though - your dream could be telling you to spend more time around this person. You might be surprised!
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Hi, I've had many dreams like that too, but the tickling doesn't last long for me. Your dream probably meant you don't have a lot of humor in your life and you're taking things too seriously.

I used to have those dreams all the time before I met a friend that always made me laugh. I have never had that kind of dream ever after I met her.

Your dream is probably telling you to get someone or something in your life that makes you happy and laugh. It is normal to have tickling dreams now and then but really you just need more humor in your life.

Hope this helped you :)
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Prometheus Arcanus
What if you're being tickled by someone of the opposite sex that you don't recognize, and you liked it? What could be the meaning of this?

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